Saturday, August 5, 2017

Book: Defending Your Loved One: Avoiding the TRAPS of CONservatorship

Sgt. David finds himself at the mercy of his psychotic ex-wife Sybil. Suffering a traumatic brain injury and trapped in a body that he no longer knows as his own, he tries to battle back only to realize that not only is he physically compromised, but also his mental capacity has failed to the point that he cannot fight the enemy on his own. Coming to grips with his new normal, he enlisted the help of family, friends and strangers.

You will read the account of an elderly woman, Rose, who was essentially kidnapped and taken away by those who were entrusted to help her, and lock away from her loving husband and preyed upon by the very system that was designed to assist the elderly in their time of need. Or the account of a lonely man with diminished capacity and estranged from his family but looking for companionship, only to have a new “relationship” revealed to be a well thought out scam unique for the cunning and deception employed to plunder an unsuspecting persons estate. These are the stories of innocent people ill prepared to deal with traps laid to ensnare them and with few answers available that could help them out of the maze of deception. What these families endured was not only unconstitutional, but also criminal. This is what this book is about, the complicated and nefarious world of conservatorship and caregiving.

As unpleasant as the thought, we may one day be incapacitated and unable to make medical and financial decisions for ourselves. No matter how well you may plan in advance, there may be those impatiently waiting on the sidelines for just the right opportunity to take advantage of an unfortunate situation, including, sadly individuals and institutions you may have thought had your best interests at heart. Your very life could hang in the balance and not being apprised of the perils that await the naive and unprepared could mean the difference between having the loved ones you wanted around you at your most vulnerable to being snatched away at a moments notice, a ward of the state and your estate bled dry. This is what this book is about. Because we lived the nightmare and made it through the other side to tell the stories so that you can avoid the pitfalls that lie ahead. 

This book contains real stories of how families can become victims of greedy scammers and how would be conservators can lay waste to your finances with the help of the system with just a few well-placed phone calls. This book will help you navigate the land mines and roadblocks that we had to face from vultures perched to feast on the bodies of those who cannot defend themselves. 

You will find out the real fight is ultimately for freedom. Freedom to vote, freedom to marry, freedom to eat what you want (or don't want) and most of all freedom to choose your own destiny from this nightmare called CONSERVATORSHIP. With the help of the book, you will become the VICTOR, not a victim.

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