Monday, December 18, 2017

Vegas lawyer who stole $16M from clients headed to prison

Robert Graham
A Las Vegas lawyer who stole $16 million from his clients' trust funds has been sentenced to 16 to 40 years in prison.

Clark County District Judge Kerry Earley sentenced Robert Graham on Friday after nearly a dozen victims testified about how he preyed on clients who set up trusts for loved ones, including children, the elderly and disabled.

Graham pleaded guilty in September to five felony counts, including theft and exploitation of vulnerable people. He was a frequent television advertiser before shutting down his Lawyers West practice.

Prosecutors said when Graham was indicted in January that he used a client trust fund as a personal piggy bank for his business and private bills.

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Vegas lawyer who stole $16M from clients headed to prison

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StandUp said...

Where he belongs............................

Daughter said...

In Wayne County, Michigan it's the Guardian ad litem's responsibility to make sure the guardian conservator bookkeeping and Report filed is filed with all receipts.

But my mother is Guardian of Litem fails to do so.

And the judge that published the ruling is my mother's Judge Keith and he does nothing but let it get filed without receipts three times and I bet you every other time for every other 1,400 wards is exactly the same filed with affidavits only.

And it's listed on the dockit!!!!!

Criminals cover up the crime of Guardian/Conservator!!!!!

And we're told we're allowed to question the report and it's denied.

It's not just the Guardians it's the whole system corrupt all about the money.

The Guardians and conservators can't do all the corruption by themselves they have to have the power of the gal backing them up.

And no attorney no attorney for my mother.

Daughter said...

In Wayne County Michigan the ruling is the gal guardian ad litem must make sure that the conservator report is filed with all receipts correctly.

The person who published the ruling is my mother's judge Keith yet that same judge let the guardian conservator file all three reports with affidavits only it's on the docket.

Nothing happens to the guardian conservator she's never in trouble and I'm sure she does this to all her 1400 wards.

The guardian and conservator cannot do this without the help of the gal the guardian ad litem who is guilty of covering up in saying that the conservator has done no wrong in her report to the judge.

The ones who cover up the wrongdoing by the Guardians and conservators and it should never be to one person and my mother wrote that.
These people are criminals covering up the crimes of the Guardians conservatorship they need to be punished too.

It's not just the Guardians it's not just the conservators it's the whole system corrupt.

The first hearing no attorney appointed.

And no evidence.

Second hearing ordered was sad and not followed by the guardian the conservator and the guardian of light on and the attorney were all present it was not followed no punishment follows when she the guardian conservator what against the ruling.

Transcripts what's the third hearing state by all appointed Representatives except the guardian conservator that my mother wants to live at home.