Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tonight on Marti Oakley's T. S. Radio: Hospice Survivors and Victims with Carly Walden

UPDATE at 8:00 pm CST.  Sorry, this show had to be cancelled due to a last minute family emergency.  The show will be re-scheduled.

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Please tune in this evening on Hospice Survivors and Victims we have an amazing guest Liz Isner, who is the creator of the group on Facebook titled Murdered by Hospice.

Liz Isner’s husband was murdered by being given lethal drugs that hastened his death in hospice. This is the most censored story in America.

We are helping save lives!

Join this MOVEMENT!!! It’s timely, it’s imperative to save your loved ones life or yourself! In the culture of death that we deal with on a daily basis we now have to use new tools and knowledge to protect our families.

To contact Carly victimsandwhistleblowers@outlook.com

LISTEN to the show LIVE or listen to the archive later

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