Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ohio: Judge Accused of Dismissing His Lawyer's Traffic Ticket Quits

Embattled Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Harland H. Hale announced yesterday that he will retire on May 24 after a decade on the bench.

The announcement comes one week after the Ohio Supreme Court disciplinary counsel filed a complaint against Hale. It accuses him of violating the code of judicial conduct by dismissing a traffic ticket against a lawyer who was defending him in state and federal lawsuits related to sexual-harassment complaints.

In a letter he addressed to the “citizens of Franklin County” and supplied to The Dispatch through a staff member, Hale said he has “decided to finish my professional life in the practice of law, hence I will not run for judge again.”

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Controversial Judge Hale Quitting the Bench

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Finny said...

The power of the press!

jerri said...

adios abuse of power exposed by the press thank you reporters for exposing those who bring disgrace