Friday, March 7, 2014

Texas: Charlie Fink May Get to Go Home!

An elderly North Texas man may be able to go home soon after a hearing took place on Thursday to decide whether or not he should remain in the custody of the state.

For more than a week, FOX 4 has been covering the case of 85-year-old Charlie Fink.

Fink is the man who made a call to FOX 4 asking for help after he went to a local hospital for hernia surgery, then was placed in the psych ward and told the state was taking custody of him.

Fink has been in state care since last week. He went to Richardson Methodist almost two weeks ago to have hernia surgery.

A doctor there (an internist -- not a psychiatrist or psychologist) contacted Adult Protective Services because Fink wanted to go home and not to rehab.

Fink was then placed in the psychiatric unit of the hospital.

Adult Protective Services got a temporary protection order and put Fink in an Arlington nursing home with his wife, who was removed from the home Feb. 5 over concerns regarding Fink's ability to care for her.

The state wants to keep custody of Fink and seek guardianship.

Full Article and Source:
Elderly N Texas Man in Custody of State May Get to Go Home

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Finny said...

Great News!!!!

Nicole said...

I pray it's true for him.

Anonymous said...

I just bet the greedy state of TX will fight hard for him. They can sell his home and bill that out quickly.