Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Jason Hanson - Jared E. Shafer Story: "Special Administrator" Jared E. Shafer takes house and inheritance from 24-year-old man with cerebral palsy

The word sociopath is a noun meaning: Someone whose social behavior is extremely abnormal. Sociopaths are interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others.

This is the story of how Jason Hanson lost his inheritance, and hopefully its telling will lead to the prosecution of the sociopaths who profited from Jason's suffering.  In 2008, Jason's father Gerhard Hanson died without a will, but before his death told his only child, then-18 year old Jason who was born with cerebral palsy, that he would someday inherit his 1257 square foot three bedroom, two bath single story ADA compliant town house, built in 1992 in a gated community in Southwest Las Vegas, along with approximately $50,000 in savings.  Six years after his father's death, Jason is almost penniless, lives at taxpayer's expense in a group home with four other special needs residents, and is a client at *Opportunity Village.  This week, Jason told INSIDE VEGAS that Jared Shafer of Professional Fiduciary Services of Nevada, Inc. never gave him his inheritance.  Sadly, this was not the first time such a heinous accusation was made by an heir of one of Shafer's scandal plagued Clark County Family Court appointed wards or special needs trustees.

Several years before Gerhard Hanson's death, his son  - then a minor - became a special needs ward of the State of Nevada because his father's acute alcoholism kept him from adequately caring for his son's needs. For several years Jason, who is very intelligent, was shuffled between Child Haven, foster care, and group homes. Today, Jason, a part time college student, is just learning what happened to his father's estate including his childhood home that he had every legal right to inherit and live in.  Instead, according to Jason, his father's $50,000 life's savings is missing, and Shafer sold Jason's house for fifty cents on the dollar without his knowledge or consent, and kept the sale proceeds saying they were used to make the house salable.

Full Article and Source:
The Jason Hanson - Jared E. Shafer Story

Video Source:
Guardian Jared E. Shafer Exploits Special Needs Trust - Part One


Thelma said...

Why is this joker still playing guardian?

Anonymous said...

Jared Shafer is a real piece of work. I'm surprised he hasn't been indicted yet.

Betty said...

Jason is very brave to speak up. I'm so sorry for what has happened to him by his so called "protector."

Steve said...

Sociopath certainly seems to fit Shaffer.

Kelly said...

I admire Jason tremendously and feel so bad for what he's going through. Jared Shafer should be tar and feathered and run out of the country!

Maureen said...

How many victims suffer because of Jared Shafer? How many more?

This is outrageous.

Jason, you've been done a terrible wrong and I pray for justice for you.

Carolyn said...

I don't have to hope Shafer rots in hell as I'm sure it's his destiny.

But why do bad guardians like him keep victimizing innocent people and get away with it? We know the system is broken but can it be fixed?

Anonymous said...


honeybear said...

I am so sorry Jason. You are a good person and this shouldn't have happened to you. I hope you find justice. I pray you will.

Alison said...

This is such a hard video to watch. Jason's pain is loud and clear and I admire how well he his handling it. I too join with the others who have commented in wishing him resolve and Shafer a trip to jail that he will never get out of.

Ron said...

I can't believe this guardian is out on the streets, let alone still allowed to take on new cases.

Unknown said...

thank you for your well wishes everyone I hope Shafer gets whats coming to him and hopefully it will send a message to others like him that this is not ok

Unknown said...

thank you for support everyone hopefully Shafer and others like him all get what's coming to them soon

NASGA IL Member Sue said...

You're welcome Jason. Jared Shafer is an example of one of the worst of the worst of the dark side of guardianships / conservatorships.

The protection industry churns people into products to feed the machine all for profit and/or job security.

We will not forgive or forget.

Very best to you Jason.

Michelle. said...

Shafer has many cases. I wonder if he's ever been audited by the IRS compared to his earnings (billings he's filed for payment in cases). Bet there's some hanky panky there too as we know happens all too often.

I'm rooting for you Jason and hope your case is investigated.

B Inberg said...

The state of Nevada is enabling and condoning the actions of Jared Shafer - keep that in mind.

Jared Shafer is a greedy vulter, a sociopath - yes yes yes he fits the profile of a sociopath perfectly although I go one step further has Shafer crossed over to: a psychopath?

I have opinions how best to deliver punishment to Shafer for his crimes to Jason Hanson under color of law but NASGA would most likely reject my comment due to the violent subject matter. Use YOUR imagination x 100.

I wish Jared Shafer the same misery that he is inflicting on Jason and his other victims.

When will someone in power seize all of Shafer's case files??? and investigate his actions and inactions track the $$$ it's all there.

Burn in Hell Jared Shafer although I would prefer you received justice here on earth first. I suggest offering you to the families of your victims.

Then whatever is left of your dirty earthly remains be bagged and dumped where it belongs in the city dump.

Anonymous said...

Crook and Liar Jared Shafer churning people into products to feed your greed machine - open your eyes folks - we'are all at risk.

Courtroom terrorists worse than any other threat to our society.