Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rana Goodman and the Vegas Voice: How Do Private Guardians Find Their Wards?

My biggest question while getting ready to head for Carson City, and in addressing the guardianship seminars Dan and I have been asked to present is: How do private guardians find their wards?

We already knew several ways and had discussed them at our seminars; people giving out too much information at financial planning meetings, loose-lipped caregivers who tip off guardians, house cleaning staff, “well meaning” neighbors and so on.

Dan and I have searched for the common denominator by connecting some of these victims together.

Well, we found one, and it should have been clear as day. Perhaps it was, and that was why we didn’t see it before - it was there in plain sight.

We found families whose loved one landed in guardianship as a result of a simple “slip and fall” that placed them in a hospital. And it went downhill from there.

While they were in the hospital, a doctor would be asked to give the patient a cognitive evaluation; perhaps a nurse thought they needed extra care, and as outlined in Dan’s article, one particular guardian trolls the halls looking for wards.

We also discovered that the physician’s certificate form checked off by the doctor is readily available. More importantly, the doctor may, or may not be aware that the form is going to be used exclusively for a guardianship issue.

In speaking to one such doctor, we were told that his/her patient may need help, be it in home care or a guardian at the time of the evaluation, but a week or month from then, things may be back to normal.

The doctor assumed they would then be re-evaluated. No statement like that was on any chart we reviewed. All seemed to indicate permanent mental incapacitation.

Was it an error by omission? This kind of error has cost people we met a year, or more of their lives and a tremendous amount of money.

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The Vegas Voice:  Guardianship Part 3:  NOW GET RESULTS


scy958585 said...

Hear me carefully: while I'd rather have neither, I'd rather have a predatory PRIVATE guardian than a predatory FAMILY guardian -- assuming the private G was initiated soley by him/herself and not by a family member (by accident or by willful intent) as in the "Free Ernestine" case in Florida.

The reason is, predatory FAMILY guardianships destroy the God-given bond and sacredness of family causing an ill-willed sibling(s) to 1.) betray other siblings 2.) betray the parent,etc 3.) criminally abduct and plunder 4.) deny member of sovereignty 5.) interminably suffer the victims 6.) hide behind the illegal, legal court statutes 7.) interminably threaten opposing exposure 8.) commit biblical heresy 9.) create permanent irreversible damage to the family unit 10.) provide tax-free income to the (at this point) criminal fraudian-guardian 11.) promote the criminal and sadistic fraudian to a default position of leadership and statesmanship in society by default of racketeering catalyzed by artificial and counterfeit power and wealth. 12.) eliminates any chance of siblings with differing views on elder care the opportunity and hope of working on the same team. 13.) Destroys will of the victims to have any belief in the need to promote safety of or provide defense of, the commonwealth and nation. 14.) Opens the door to any foreign or domestic enemy to overthrow the crony system that feverishly works to bafoon the republic with endless toothless and indefensible statutes protecting rights, so-called, of wards and victims 15.) Empowers what amounts to entitlement not by the lowest in society but often by many average who are tin-plated, wannabe bafoon losers who hallucinate themselves as highest. 16.) Abuses the truly gifted and endowed who write, study, document and statute into lackeys of a what has seemingly devolved into a kangaroo justice system 17.) By default does nothing to educate or inform the dumfounded new victims of how to immediately counter a sibling(s)/family frenzied malfeasance 18.) Legalizes family robbery 19.) Legalizes family torture 20.) Carefully and willfully cultivates, nurtures, promulgates, breads and infests society at large with hate. If we are betrayed by our own of the common womb, there is nothing left. But it is not over 21.) The 50 state judicial system seems to want nothing more in this regard than to lure us to court, to test their might, to tempt to incarceration by taunting the innocent, many who are soldiers; soldiers whose legacy left behind arms, legs, eyes, blood, lives and family vacancies to create a free society that has gone mad with decaying morbid greed - and hate of duty, honor, country.

Lexi said...

Thank you Rana you are exactly right. A person can go to the hospital and come out a guardianship ward. People need to know.

Diane said...

Guardianship needs to be abolished. Period. If someone needs help, then the court --if necessary--can assign someone to help that person, NOT take away their rights and allow them to steal their estates and possessions.

NASGA said...

scy...., we appreciate your insight and comment. One thing, though. It's much easier to remove a family guardian than a professional or the public guardian in almost any case.

There is no worse betrayal than family betrayal.

Sylvia Rudek said...

Relevant timely question Rana how is the need for a 'decision maker' started?

Valid Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Property are the best protections against unnecessary guardianship - no guarantee the advance directives will hold up but without the properly executed DPoAHC's and DPoAP's the system will dictate every aspect of your life.

Camille said...

Nursing home trolling too...

Sue Harmon said...

Oh the trolling how about:

personal banker sending her non-bank employee husband to elderly couple's home in the evening.

husband without notice or warning or permission is ringing doorbell, knocking on the window of the home scaring the daylights out of the elderly couple

elderly couple through locked door ask who is there?

predator responds: I am Mary's husband I'm a financial advisor, I'm here to help you with your finances.

elderly couple is afraid and shocked but their stranger danger alarm kicks in

elderly couple through locked door tell predator to go away.

How many other bank customers have been targeted?

How many bank customers opened their doors?

Ben said...

I bet they even troll at the courthouse!

psy958585 said...

NASGA, and when the retaliatory, vindictive, sociopath, lying, smug, goverment retiree with connections outmonies you 10:1 using the smartest lawfirm in town?

I'm not trying to be a smartarse, but I was a soldier, he was never anything but a parasite to the economic system. I'm just waiting for the whole USA to break down some way or other.

I know somone in mental health and in the setting they are in where people HAVE NO money it's like trying to sell last years' Christmas stuff here in April. No one wants it (them).

My brother is killing my mother. Thank you, USA for NO FORCED MEDIATION or how about simply a good, old fashioned (COURT MONITORED) fist fight. Whoevere wins, gets to DO WHAT MOM WANTS and not what sick, warped, and immoral family member or default court wants. Or is mom's brain destroyed by forced drugging and I win a vegetable?

I can still smile. I keep my head. When things finally fall and if I'm still around, I'll give a happy push to help out!

P.S. I'd rather build than tear down any day; love rather than hate; heal rather than hurt. It only makes sense. Too bad the smarter and richer they are the less common sense to preservation and more morbid they are.

Anonymous said...

It's always about the money.