Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Vegas Voice: Guardianship, Part 3: NOW GET RESULTS!

by Dan Roberts
Her name is April Parks and she is the “poster child” why the Nevada guardianship laws must be changed.
Her M.O. as a private forprofit guardian is to do everything possible in separating family and squeezing every last dime from her acquired “ward.”

Although her actions are disgraceful, they are perfectly legal.

She must be stopped - since you, or your loved one might be her next victim.

Over the past few months, The Vegas Voice has reviewed and investigated this obscene (but very lucrative) guardianship industry. During this time, political editor Rana Goodman and yours truly have met with families torn apart by these private guardians - starting with Ms. Parks.

We spent countless hours reviewing petitions, observing court hearings and listening “off the record” to people inside this guardian cesspool. Most heart-wrenching was our meetings with those pleading and begging us to help them regain control of their lives and/or to be reunited with their families.

I have said it before and will continue to repeat it until the Nevada Legislature revises the guardianship statutes (NRS 159): Having a private guardian appointed for a senior is like selecting a child molester to run a day care center. It is financial exploitation and abuse, and private guardian April Parks is “Exhibit A.”

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The Vegas Voice:  Guardianship, Part 3:  NOW GET RESULTS


Lexi said...

I have heard April Parks' name a lot lately and nothing good.

Diane said...

April Parks needs to be in prison, along with Mary Giordano, Jared Shafer, Chemung county abusers of Gary Harvey and countless others. When is anyone in the judicial system ever gong to start following the law?

Anonymous said...

Does April Parks work for Jared Shafer?

Camille said...

I hope the Vegas Voice and NASGA will continue reporting on April Parks. Let's get the word out there!

Sue Harmon said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys! The heat is on! Shining a bright lights of truth on the racket, the scheme.

Rana is on a mission. She is hot on their heels. This racket has been operating in secrecy in the dark but all that changed with the INTERNET our best source, our best weapon to research, locate and unite!


Ben said...

Sounds like April Parks is trying to horn in on Jared Shafer's territory? Guardian wars?

Kathleen said...

April Parks should be removed from her duties as a guardian and criminally charged with abuse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing these articles. Guardianship is the most vicious experience of my life. The entire court and its minions appear to be corrupt here in Tucson. Publicity is our only recourse.