Saturday, May 16, 2015

Couple arrested for elderly scam on family members

Amy Smith
BOONE COUNTY, MO -- Boone County Sheriff’s investigators say a 92-year-old woman and her 63-year-old daughter are the victims of a family scam.

Detectives said Davey and Amy Smith stole more than $15,000 from the 2 victims by cashing social security checks.

Davey Smith
Amy Smith is the niece of the older woman and the cousin of the younger senior citizen.

The victims received about $2,000 a month in social security benefits.

Deputies arrested the Boone County couple after the Department of Health and Senior Services got a hotline call about the alleged crime on Ketterer Road near Route B north of Columbia.

Court documents obtained by KRCG 13 indicate the Smiths also charged their alleged victims $400 a month for rent.

Investigators said the victims were living under substandard conditions.

Boone County Sheriff’s Detective Tom O’Sullivan said, “There are situations where reasonable, responsible people do have access to an elderly relative’s financial resources and they act appropriately. This wasn’t the case here.”

Prosecutors charged Davey and Amy Smith with financial exploitation of the elderly and third degree elderly abuse.

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Couple arrested for elderly scam on family members 

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