Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Steve Miller on the Removal of Nevada Private Guardian April Parks

April Parks
KTNV TV ABC News reported [on May 6th] that for hire private guardian April Parks has been stricken from the State of Nevada's list of professional guardians for taking financial advantage of her court appointed wards.

However, Parks' exclusion from the state list does not prevent appointed Clark County Family Court "Guardianship Commissioner" Jon Norheim, or his boss Judge Charles Hoskin from continuing to appoint her, or her mentor Jared Shafer as guardians of the lives and fortunes of additional well to do Southern Nevada retirees.

Hopefully, the State of Nevada will apply the same standards to Mr. Shafer in the near future so he cannot continue to drain the life savings of other wards appointed to him by Judge Hoskin and Commissioner Norheim. The video of Jason Hanson one of Jared E. Shafer's many exploited wards appointed to him by Judge Hoskin and Commissioner Norheim.

Here is Darcy Spears' excellent news story with video:


The video testimony of Jason Hanson, one of Jared E. Shafer's many exploited "wards":

Jared E. Shafer

Patience Bristol


StandUp said...

Steve Miller tells it like it is!

Sue Harmon said...

Steve Miller has been shouting out loud about the injustices of the guardianship racket for a very long time.

His shouts are being heard around the world!

Dirty secrets are being exposed to the point the secrets are not very secret anymore.

That's good for we the people we have our eyes on YOU! I hope you feel the heat getting hotter.

Betty said...

Steve Miller is my hero!

Diane said...

Why aren't these people in jail yet? By not arresting them, the entire judicial system in the state of Nevada is saying "It's ok to steal from anyone you wish and we will stand behind you. Just give us a piece of the action."