Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nevada Takes Action on Guardianship Problems

Just two days after a Contact 13 Investigation into guardianship gouging, more action is being taken by the state.

Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears explains why one court-appointed guardian has been stricken from a state agency's list.

You won't find private, for-profit guardian April Parks in the directory published by the Nevada Division of Aging and Disability Services.

The state agency removed Parks from their resource list after Contact 13 found her double-dipping and draining a couple's money.

The state offers seniors and their families a variety of resources on this website Nevada Care Connection.

April Parks was included in the directory as a professional guardian.

But on Wednesday we learned that, after reviewing our reports and doing some legwork of their own, the state decided to take Parks off their list.

In the bigger picture, families frustrated with Parks or any private guardian now have a new resource to help them navigate the system.

Yesterday we told you about a recently-created hotline with Clark County District Court. It was set up to take complaints about guardianship cases.

Today, the acting Guardianship Compliance Officer told us what callers are saying.

"They generally relate to procedural matters as to whether or not certain required documentation was filed or whether it was filed timely," says Timothy Andrews, Assistant Court Administrator. "And other complaints relate to the substance of the accounting, that is the manner in which the wards funds are being utilized."

About a half dozen calls were logged at the hotline in the past two weeks.

The hot line number is (702) 671-4614 or

State Takes Action on Guardianship Problems


Betty said...

Thank you Darcy Spears!

Lindsey said...

Yes. Thank you to the press. It's the press coverage that is getting action!

Barbara said...

Hooray! Bye Bye April Parks