Monday, May 25, 2015

Remembering Our Veterans With Respect and Gratitude

On this Memorial Day, we send our thanks and prayers to those who protected our freedoms in war - and especially to those who gave their lives for us.

We also pray for those brave men and women who America has abandoned - those who are being held captive in guardianship because there was a profit to be gained for the person(s) who put them there. 


honeybear said...

I have seen this picture on FB and I bet it's everywhere today. It always makes me stop and think of our elderly Veterans.

Mary said...

Thank you NASGA!

Sylvia Rudek said...

Very well stated - thank you for your tribute to all who have served, sacrificed and died in service to our country.

And at this time I would like to take this opportunity to address and include the spouses of the Veteran's who were railroaded into guardianships for self serving purposes, personal gain and / or job security.