Monday, May 25, 2015

Special Thanks to Steve Miller

CHANGE OF THE GUARDIAN: Former Las Vegas City councilman and prolific pain in the neck Steve Miller continues to pound away at controversies inside the local guardian’s office.

The mainstream press has picked up on it, and it is now on the radar of the Clark County Commission.

Las Vegas Review-Journal Column - John L. Smith


honeybear said...

Very true words. Steve Miller laid the foundation for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Channel 13. Thanks Steve.

Mary said...

I agree. I have seen so many of Steve Miller's posts on the NASGA blog and I know what hard work he has put into it. Thank you Steve. And thank you NASGA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve!

Anonymous said...

It takes courage, smarts and real caring to help people as NASGA ,Steve and the other brave people are doing. There is nothing in it for them except doing right leaving a better place for our children .
This Memorial Day, I who my brave, good mother is a victim who has been forcibly drugged, her house and assets taken, pray every day and ask why did this happen to her? why did this happen to anyone? bless Steve, NASGA and all the other brave souls fighting for us.

Larry said...

Steve is fearless and I admire how he just says it like it is. Very refreshing! Thank you Steve. You truly are the main reason things started happening in Nevada.