Thursday, May 21, 2015

Steve Miller: Breaking News From Nevada: Changes Within Clark County Probate Court!

Incompetent "Guardianship Commissioner" Jon Norheim, Along With "Juiced" Judges Charles Hoskin And Art Ritchie Dumped From Guardianship Court! To be replaced by longest serving District Court Judge Dianne Steel!

from Eighth Judicial District Court: The Eighth Judicial District Court Issued an Administrative Order today, to transfer the adult guardianship caseload to the longest-serving District Court Judge Dianne Steel, in department G of the Family Division.

The Order coincides with a Petition issued today, by Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice James Hardesty, with the concurrence of Eighth District Chief Judge David Baker and Second District Chief Judge David Hardy, to consider the establishment of a commission to study the creation and administration of guardianships in Nevada courts.

The proposed Guardianship Commission will examine policies and procedures currently used and provide recommendations, based on national best-practices, on how they can be improved.

 “I am committed to the court’s goal to protect those impacted by intellectual disabilities and diseases associated with aging.“ said Judge Steel. “Through experience, I know how difficult these cases are for families, and I will work hard to ensure that the court is handling these cases in a manner in accordance with the laws established to protect families dealing with guardianship.”

 Judge Steel’s career history includes more than 18 years on the bench, handling a variety of case types including guardianship. She has notable service on numerous committees and professional organizations and a long list of professional accomplishments including: a Juvenile Dependency Model Court, work on the One Family - One Judge initiative, the Donna's House Visitation Exchange Program, the Judicial Studies Program, the Family Self-Help Center Project, the Coroner Visitation Program, the Youth Eagle Leadership Project, the Adults in Juvenile Delinquency Court handbook, the restructure of NRS Chapter 62 on Juvenile Delinquency and the promotion of the Jury Services-CASA Recruitment Program.

"Judge Steel’s depth of experience and knowledge of the guardianship process will be a tremendous asset as we build citizen trust and confidence in the guardianship process.” said Judge Barker. “We are moving quickly, in coordination with the Nevada Supreme Court, to take strategic action within fiscal realities, to get guardianship cases in line with national best-practices.”

The court examined the assignment of the guardianship caseload using a hearing master/judge model and communicated with state and nationally respected judicial experts and determined that such cases should be assigned to a single District Court judge. Department G’s existing caseload will be reassigned to and equitably distributed among all the remaining judicial departments that are assigned civil domestic cases in the Family Division.

The transfers and assignments will take effect on June 1, 2015.

 The Eighth Judicial District Court is taking action to implement best practices for guardianship cases as established by the National Association for Court Management. A guardianship hotline is available to take concerns and questions tel:702-671-4614 and an email link is also available at "" for those who have concerns.

Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court is the busiest court in the state. Fifty-two judges preside over nearly 100,000 criminal, civil and family cases that are filed each year in District Court. The Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court judges and staff continuously work to develop new ideas, maximize efficiencies and improve access to justice.


Prior to being appointed Hearing Master by Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin, Jon Norheim was a mob attorney.

 In a photo (left) taken by the late Buffalo Jim Barrier, Norheim is shown with his clients (right), and Ralph Rizzolo (left). At the time of the photo, Norheim was being paid to harass Barrier in a failed attempt to make him move his auto repair shop so Rizzolo could expand his topless bar the Crazy Horse Too.

It is not presently known whether Norheim will return to his previous profession.

~Steve Miller


StandUp said...

WOW - now that's action! FINALLY!

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Rhonda said...

This is great. Now we wait to see if Norheim and Hoskin and all those other participants are going to be held accountable.

Sue Harmon said...

Bye bye waiting for sweet justice! Thanks to Steve Miller for writing about these courthouse terrorists, thugs, bullies, thieves, crooks and liars. With credit to main stream press for coming on board.

Perfect storm is forming, state by state they'll all be exposed.

Bye bye.......:-)

Cookie said...

I am so happy for all the families. Now let the bad guys gets what's coming to them. It's been a long time coming.

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Many have been working hard for this day. Congratulations!