Saturday, June 13, 2015

Couple Free At Last From Clark County Nevada Guardianship Program!

Free at last. That's the case for one family after a two-year battle to get out of Clark County's guardianship system.

Hugs and tears outside Family Court after a guardianship hearing that paved the way for Julie Belshe to take the last steps in bringing her torn apart family back together.

 "It's overwhelming for me. It really is. It's beyond words," Belshe said, holding back tears.

 "Just like a rope around my neck has been removed," added her mother, Rennie North.
Source: Couple Free At Last From County Guardianship Program


Amy said...

Congratulations North family!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations! You fought a very corrupt system and prevailed opening the door for many other victims of corrupt guardians. I could not be happier that your parents are free. Now, I hope you get every last dime back! It's outrageous and a system we all need to stand up against.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful day to celebrate! Congradulations!

Brianna said...

"Free at last" is so very fitting. I'm so happy for you, Julie.

Steve said...


Anonymous said...

The press is the only way to free the many people wrongly trapped in the guardianship system, where they can be used as cash cows against their will. It's all about money. The laws can't change fast enough to help the innocent elders who are having their rights removed in probate court. The idea that dinky county courts can remove your rights is enough to make you want to move to the moon! I always thought our rights were inalienable. I guess not.