Thursday, June 11, 2015

LOVE AND MERCY: Brian Wilson’s Corrupt Guardianship

by Joe Roubicek

LOVE AND MERCY has finally been released, a story of how the gifted Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys became a middle aged “broken, confused man under the pharmacological and legal thrall of therapist Dr. Eugene Landy,” as the critics put it.

Take away the status and unique qualities of Brian Wilson and you are left with the typical scenario of corrupt guardianships that are going on all around us every day.

I would highly recommend this movie, but PLEASE read the following excerpts from “Guardian Angels Inc. The Vile Business Of Corrupt Guardianship.” so that you might appreciate the consistency in methodology of these culprits.

On Corrupt Guardianship
Page 11-12

Similarly, despite the original intent of guardianship -- to protect the life of the ward while preserving the ward’s assets – it too has often become corrupted to the point where the ward is silenced without legitimate legal representation.

Then, like the “Trojan Horse” of Greek mythology, attorneys and guardians use the ruse of good intent “in the best interest and well-being of the ward,” to attack and plunder estates while victims are isolated, taken hostage, drugged, imprisoned and even murdered.

Their estates are either brazenly stolen, or quietly depleted through a pretentious process of “servicing” the guardianship. When paid by the hour, these professionals make more by working at solving problems than by actually solving them. 

This corrupt process has been identified by activists as, “Isolate, Medicate and Take the Estate.”

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Betty said...

I didn't know about this film and now I've got to see it!

Steve said...

Thanks, Joe. I always appreciate your comments because I know you're keeping a close eye on guardianship abuse and you know what you're talking about.

Sue Harmon said...

Joe Roubicek is a gift to society. Thank you!!

Joecitizen said...

Thanks, you guys. Steve, that's funny because I thought it was NASGA and folks like you keeping an eye on things.

Lisa said...

Yes, he is, Sue. And I carry a copy of his book around to show nay-sayers that guardianship abuse is alive and well.

Sylvia Rudek said...

Good advice Joe. I highly recommend your book while looking forward to more cases in this series “Guardian Angels Inc. The Vile Business Of Corrupt Guardianship".

Best approach is to get some basic background on guardianship to better understand the tragedy in Brian Wilson's life.

I read a sampling of the critics comments. Unfortunately, it appears most if not all missed or overlooked important details:

Love and Mercy has whopping gaps but that few of them matter. It has the two things a Brian Wilson story needs above all: a sense of mystery and the right vibrations — good, bad, weird. David Edelstein·Vulture

Tyler said...

I have read the book as well and I got it because NASGA said the next time someone doesn't believe you about guardianship abuse, show them Joe Roubicek's book. I have. It really helps.