Monday, June 15, 2015

Problems with Nevada Guardian Jared Shafer Began 30 Years Ago...

Pictures were taken and published by the newspaper and no one — not the police or any authority or any county commissioner — was even a little bit concerned.

It was the beginning of the year 1996 when the Anna Marie Gaule story began to develop, when the Public Guardian contacted her for the first time.

Back then the office of the Public Guardian, as well as the Public Administrator, belonged to Jared Shafer despite the fact the law states that a person cannot hold two offices at the same time.

But it was Jared Shafer who, since he was elected to office in 1970, did what he wanted and no one had the courage to stop him; he left office voluntarily in 2000, leaving his friend Danny Ahlstrom in office.

Right after leaving office he went in business for himself as a private administrator in California but still guiding his friend Ahlstrom and the entire office that he controlled for over thirty years, leaving death and destruction in his path. Today, thirty years later, the office of the Public Guardian seems to be distanced from the Public Administrator, but the malpractices and corruption seem to follow the office’s reputation.

Las Vegas Tribune has followed this story from the very beginning and reported on several stories regarding the Public Guardian and also the Public Administrator’s (Jared Shafer’s) manipulation and control of the office with no one single elected official paying attention to the criminal activities, elder exploitation, extortions, blackmail and grand larceny — and much more — committed by Shafer and his people and reported by this newspaper; there is even talk abut homicides having been committed.

Today, thirty years later, after an article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Las Vegas daily newspaper and a newly elected Chief Eighth Judicial District Court Judge appeared before the County Commissioner during a regular commission meeting to discuss the sad events that have been taking place under their own noses because they chose to ignore what they read in the Las Vegas Tribune, NOW they want to do something.

 Full Article and Source:
Gaule is Prime Example of Shafer's Criminal Behavior


Rose said...

He looks like a sociopath.

Betty said...

At least they are acting now. It doesn't excuse the past.

Anonymous said...

Why has this been ignored by elected officials and media? All of them have known about this .