Saturday, October 17, 2015

Molino Woman Charged With Exploitation Of Elderly Man

A Molino woman has been charged with stealing from an elderly man.

Heather Nicole Gulsby, 27, was charge with felony grand theft, crimes against the elderly and six felony check offenses.

Gulsby was caretaker for a 65-year old man unable to adequately take care of himself, according to an arrest report. Without proper permission, Gulsby allegedly wrote six checks totaling $1,084.72 on the elderly man’s account for her own personal benefit.

According to an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office report, Gulsby wrote checks for her benefit on the victim’s account as follows:
  • Three checks for $200 each cashed at a local bank on different dates.
  • A $290.37 check to Walmart for merchandise.
  • A $144.35 check to Molino Utilities, of which $92.22 was applied to her personal account. The remaining$52.13 was applied to the victim’s account; however, the check was written without his permission, the report states.
  • A $50 check cashed at a local bank.
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Molino Woman Charged With Exploitation Of Elderly Man

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