Friday, December 4, 2015

More staff means more oversight in guardianship system

A major lack of oversight in Clark County courts has torn families apart and victimized the vulnerable people it was supposed to protect.

That's what Darcy Spears found in her year-long Contact 13 Investigation of the guardianship system.

Now many changes are underway to fix the problems.

Clark County District Court is adding staff to better supervise guardianship cases in response to what they call a clear need for compliance oversight.  This after Contact 13 revealed double billing and questionable charges.  Even cases where people's entire life savings went missing and their homes were sold without court approval.

Today the court announced that they've hired a new Guardianship Compliance Administrator.  He will watch over the adult guardianship program, create a citizen complaint process and investigate cases for discrepancies and fraud. Click here to see the full job description.

The court is also taking action on a number of other problems directly related to our investigation, including more transparency and additional scrutiny of how private professional guardians handle an individual's money.  (Continue Reading)

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More staff means more oversight in guardianship system


Betty said...

If judges listened to families, much of the overbilling would be caught and corrected. A big problem is that judges put cotton in their ears and discount families complaints and concerns.

Anonymous said...

An I wonder WHY ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Betty. Thanks for saying it.