Friday, January 15, 2016

Community Care Licensing "Confounded" by Elder Abuse

Elder rights advocates testified to failures of Community Care Licensing (CCL), a Division of California's Department of Social Services (DSS). Testimony addressed CCL's failure to intervene in crimes against elders, failure to assess penalties for crimes, and failure to report crimes to law enforcement. Crimes disregarded by CCL included sexual assault, battery, false imprisonment, isolation, and financial exploitation.

Department Director Will Lightbourne testified that he was "confounded" by the Department's backlog. Lightbourne is California's highest paid government employee, receiving $343,000 in pay and benefits annually.

Lightbourne was formerly Director of Santa Clara County's Social Services Agency. Santa Clara County's Public Guardian was in the news for abuse of conservatees, some of which occurred during Lightbourne's tenure in Santa Clara County.

Community Care Licensing "Confounded" by Elder Abuse

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StandUp said...

Will Lightbourne put his foot in his mouth in a big way. Thanks for posting, NASGA.


People like Will Lightbourne need to go...out the door and replaced with someone who can get some action on these well documented elder abuse crimes. I am "confounded" that this man is paid over $300,000.00 per year to be "confounded". Joan Landis (Dad was abused in RCFE Merrill Gardens while a ward of the San Diego Public Guardian)