Saturday, April 16, 2016

Suspended judge replaced during investigation in Oconee Co.

A Order released today by the South Carolina Courts states that Associate Probate Judge Karen Lee has been appointed by the court system to lead in Oconee County.

This is after Probate Judge Kenneth Johns was put on interim suspension on April 12.

That suspension required him to deliver all books, records, bank account records, funds, property, and documents relating to his judicial office to the Associate Pobate Judge.

Johns is also suspended from access to judicial accounts.

The order does not detail what Johns is being investigated for, only refers to ruling 17b, which states the following:

(b) Other Misconduct. Upon receipt of sufficient evidence demonstrating that a judge poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the public or to the administration of justice, the Supreme Court may place the judge on interim suspension pending a final determination in any proceeding under these rules.

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Suspended judge replaced during investigation in Oconee Co.


Betty said...

This will be one to watch!

daisy nuke said...

Judge Kenny Bob John's was fired for Court Ordering an Autistic Christian, Stacey Harris, to unwilling human transgenic stem cell drug research. The SCDMH and probate judges court order their local Autism community to clinical trials for local Isis plants such as Roche Carolina.
You can learn the details and see the drug and detainment orders on one of my Facebook pages
Look for an album titled
Hick Judges and Court Enuchs

daisy nuke said...

Judges to Watch now are....

Mary Blunt of Charleston

for running a State Wide Eugenics program thru her Probate Courts


Martha Newton of Anderson, for religious freedom violation and violently forced stem cell research, obstruction,and unlawful detainment

These backwoods Judges
police force the Autism Community on wicked drugs that induce...

gender stem cell mutations
addictions gene mutations
bodily harm
psychological torture

The Probate Judges, order transgene terror, not mental-health care.

I accuse the SC Probate Courts of chemical domestic torture.

That Autism Puzzle began in a South Carolina Low Country Ghetto, in my hometown
and I just moved home, to solve their child abusing kiddie riddle.

The last piece to the Autism Speaks puzzle is
ISIS Transgenic (glow) research

The children under Autism Ryan's Law, are used in illegal transgene research.
Please forward any Judge you hear off, who signs the Ryan's Autism Law, that Lorri Shealy Unumb of SC, is pUshing.

Also, out Autism Community, needs some type of law, preventing our puzzled parents from dosing us with mediSIN, they do not understand.

We need protection from the police, your bad drug Judges, your child abusing medical community and our puzzled parents.

For all you Judges out there,
stop the torture of vaccine injured people
stop marking us with insanity
during non verbal autism regression
ignorant hicks
it's no different than suffering from tempory blindness

These Judges, backwoods ER Frat Boys, and their Silk Road ShrinkS
Are a danger to my Autism Speaks Community. We are no danger to them.

Involuntary Not YourS
Autism Civil Right Leader
Stacey Harris

To anyone with Autism, or some form of disability
please call that #, or text, if your non-verbal
I will teach you how to
Judge your Judges
and Charge your
Puzzled Parents
with guardianship abuse

If they shackled and drugged you, in a Delta United Carolina Camp, for any reason, you call me with the name of your JUDGE.

I also have a list of Autism Speaks Group homes, (Delta,United) and adolescent SCDMH contracted facilities (Delta United)
Who are farming mute or troubled, Christian orphans, for respiradol, bad drug lawsuits.
These children begin elementary school, as one gender, and graduate another
these little boys, begin producing female breast milk.

We have an alarming amount of Guardianship abuse, that I call, Bayer-Isis Transgene Terror.

Your Delta Greek Medical Community and their Judges, use my Autism Community, like human, GMO, FDA, stem cell pigs.

You cannot court order anyone, for any reason, to take forced behavioral science research drugs, in a razor wire facility.
UNLESS YOUR HITLER, who also had a contract, with Autism Bayer-ISIS stem cell researchers.

I cannot believe these backwoods, Judges, just forced, Roche Carolina, gene silencing research in my body.

I spent, all last year, fighting this hick Judge Kenny Bob Johns, for basic medical civil rights.

He is a racist, sexist, uneducated, backwoods, Shriner Boy. He does not, get to choose, my healthcare!
What a perv. I got a phone recording of this guy, and his racists ignoramus comments.

We need transgenic bathrooms because of this ignorance.

Pleas, and I beg please,
understand that, these children of the south, who require, trans bathrooms, are not gay.

They have been transfigured by stem cell research. I have little ones, on MY Spectrum, who are female eunuchs, boys who must relieve themselves, during school, with breast milk pumps, from their, drug induced gynecomastia.
the list of transgenic stem cell mutations are exhausting
not one of them
has to do with sexual preference.

You allow, you Judges and medical community to abuse us, with transgene stem cell research

You gonna have to build us a bathroom.


daisy nuke said...

And thank you for publishing my Autism abuse story
it's a first actually