Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lawyer admits to stealing $75,000 from a widow in nursing home

Batavia N.Y. - A prominent Batavia attorney admits he he stole more than $75,000 from a widow in a nursing home who was also his client. 81-year-old Randolph Zickl was arrested, arraigned, and pleaded guilty to grand larceny on Friday.

Zickl and his family are well known in the county's legal community, so a special prosecutor and judge were brought in to hear the case - which also was not made public until Monday.

Zickl was handling the victim's husband's estate and admitted to double-billing her for that work. He then continued to withdraw from her accounts, but was no longer representing her. The theft was discovered by a family member.

He is no longer a practicing attorney, because he resigned from the bar on Friday. 13WHAM News found him packing up his office on Batavia's Main Street.

"I'm not sure he wants to talk," said the woman who answered the door. Zickl was standing in the hallway behind her.

Zickl is the father of two attorneys in the Genesee County District Attorney's office, Robert and William Zickl. Until recently, he was in charge of the county's Office of Legal Assistance. Chairman of the County Legislature Ray Cianfrini says the Legislature received Zickl's letter of resignation a few weeks ago, but wasn't made aware of the pending legal case against the man until this morning.

"This came as a shock. This seems so out of character for someone like Randy Zickl," he said.

The case is being prosecuted by the Erie County District Attorney's office. Erie County judge James Bargnesi is presiding. The judge indicated that if Zickl makes full restitution by sentencing in September, he would be sentenced to probation because of his age. 

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Lawyer admits to stealing $75,000 from a widow in nursing home

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