Monday, August 29, 2016

Morristown woman pleads guilty

A Morristown woman pled guilty yesterday to Financial Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult.  Northfield police were called to Three Links Care Center in September of last year on report of a resident’s Power of Attorney not paying the bills.  53 year old Loretta Anne Fossum was accused of bilking an elderly Northfield woman out of thousands of dollars over a nearly 2 year period.   

According to a source, Fossum moved into the woman’s home on Meldahl Lane in April of 2014 and started using her bank card for personal purchases soon after.   In October of 2014, Fossum closed the victim’s bank account and opened a new one adding her name.  In the Spring of 2015, the victim moved to Three Links. Fossum continued to live in the victim’s home but stopped paying the bills.  In September of 2105, she convinced the victim to make her Power of Attorney.  By October, debt collectors were calling the victim’s grandson.  Fossum faces up to 5 years in prison and/or up to $10,000 in fines.  Her sentencing is scheduled for November 2nd.  FossumLorettacomplaint (1)

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Morristown woman pleads guilty


StandUp said...

PoA laws need to be strengthened in all states. If the perp had paid the nursing home bills, then no one would have cared what else she did wrong.

Anonymous said...

Addictions are at the core of elder abuse and exploitation. The "Greatest Generation" were raised to take care of family but what if a family member has an addiction ( such as drugs-alcohol- or gambling)? And that addiction is so all consuming that the addict exploits a parent ?? 80% of elder abuse and exploitation is perpetrated by a family member. Tougher laws are needed at the national level that draw awareness to the plight that many elders face.There are red flags that attorneys and medical professionals need to know. For example, an elder is isolated, mail is intercepted, funds are withdrawn from the elder's accounts, bills are unpaid, credit cards are cancelled, items are purchased that an elder does not need or want, an elder defers to a family member or covers up for that member, sudden changes in medical or financial power of attorneys are made. Back round and credit checks should be mandatory when medical and financial power of attorneys are made. It is not enough to report to a county that exploitation is occurring, there has to be stricter penalties and enforcement. No one in the most frailest or final stages of their life should have to be subjected to abuse, intimidation, and manipulation.