Thursday, December 15, 2016

BREAKING: Private Guardian April Parks Found Guilty Of Fraud, Theft, And Conversion

Written by Steve Miller Date: 12-14-2016

LAS VEGAS - For the first time in the history of Clark County Family Court, a private for-hire guardian has been found guilty of Fraud, Theft, and Conversion of the funds of a ward of the court.

On Tuesday, Family Court Judge Nancy Alf ruled for plaintiffs in a lawsuit brought by the family of Elizabeth Diana Indig after they presented evidence that Indig's court appointed guardian April Parks defrauded the senior citizen of over $300,000, including the sale of Indig's house without court permission.

(Click HERE to view Ms. Indig's complete complaint)

According to the May 19, 2016 Las Vegas Review-Journal, "A private professional guardian recently packed up and left the state with seemingly little concern for the dozens of wards she left behind. Without court approval, April Parks paid herself thousands of dollars from the accounts of the wards she was supposed to care for before running off to Pennsylvania last month, according to the court records."

Parks did not appear in court today, but was represented by attorneys.  Separate criminal investigations are currently underway by the Clark County District Attorney and the Nevada Attorney General involving this and dozens of other complaints against Parks and other Nevada private guardians.  Another civil trial is scheduled this month against April Parks in the case of Rudy and Rennie North.

A federal racketeering lawsuit brought by the late Guadalupe Olvera against Jared Shafer and Wells Fargo Bank Trust Department is also presently working its way through the Federal Court system.

Its been reported that Parks recently declared bankruptcy, but police sources say the bankruptcy will not affect criminal prosecution in the event the DA or AG decides to proceed with charges.

During today's trial, Judge Alf froze all cash and assets that Parks' attorneys claimed are still owed to her by former wards.

Its not yet known if or when Parks will be brought back to Nevada to face criminal charges, but when asked, Clark County DA Steve Wolfson said, "She can run, but she can't hide. My office has jurisdiction over state lines."

April Parks is the second local private guardian to be brought up on charges of exploitation of the elderly. In May, 2014, Patience Bristol, a former employee of veteran Las Vegas private guardian Jared E. Shafer, was convicted of elder exploitation and sentenced to five to eight years in the Nevada State Prison.  At the time of Bristol's crimes, she was employed by Shafer's Professional Fiduciary Services of Nevada Inc. (PFSN) located on Pecos Rd. in Las Vegas.  Shafer and PFSN are currently under investigation based on complaints of financial exploitation of elderly or disabled wards. 

Following an investigation by the Clark County Commission, Charles Hoskin and his appointed Hearing Master Jon Norheim, the two family court judges who consistently appointed Parks and Shafer, were removed from hearing additional guardianship cases by Clark County Chief Judge David Barker.

This is a developing story. Local, state, and federal criminal investigations are currently underway based on criminal complaints filed by numerous clients of Shafer, Parks, and other private guardians licensed to operate in the State of Nevada.


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BREAKING: Private Guardian April Parks Found Guilty Of Fraud, Theft, And Conversion

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StandUp said...

I am so happy for the Indig family and all the victims in Nevada who have awaited this day!

Anonymous said...

I saw this all over facebook yesterday and it's wonderful news. The curtains are closing in on April Parks and now she's going to feel just how she made vulnerable people feel.

Zander said...

Bye bye April Parks! Thank God!

William said...

Congratulations Elizabeth Indig and all the victims in Nevada who should be celebrating this victory!

Sylvia Rudek said...

Hoping this victory in the civil process opens the flood gates to criminal charges and prosecution.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the statement "Its not yet known 'if or when' Parks will be brought back to Nevada to face criminal charges..." Why IF? Drag her ass back and prosecute her. There should be no IFs about it! The only question should be "when" and why is it taking so long? Clearly this woman, and Jared Shafer have committed horrible crimes and both should have been behind bars long ago. How these things are able to go on for so many years after they were already exposed,i s criminal in itself. I hope Norheim is convicted along with his crooked friends in that corrupt Nevada legal system.