Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dan Roberts, The Vegas Voice on Private Guardian April Parks: She Had the Dogs Killed

By: Dan Roberts - Publisher
"Any objective evaluation of her history in guardianship matters would lead to the conclusion that April Parks is an honest, capable and caring guardian for any person for whom she becomes responsible."

During the past eight months, The Vegas Voice featured articles regarding the Nevada guardianship laws and the private, for-profit guardianship industry. In our research and investigation, one guardian - April Parks, repeatedly kept popping up. In my previous columns, I labeled her the 'poster child' as to why the guardianship laws and court system had to be changed. Apparently, Ms. Parks did not take kindly to my assertions - hence the lawyer's letter. That initial sentence was one of many from her attorney, Bruce Woodbury (yep, that's the guy whose name is on the 215 Parkway) demanding that The Vegas Voice and yours truly cease and desist from any repetition of the accusations we made against her. Looking over our statements made against this guardian, we now add the following: dog killer.

These are the facts:
Over the last few years, April Parks placed some of her newly-acquired wards in an assisted living facility - Lakeville Terrace, located in Boulder City. However beginning in 2015 (and all within a few weeks) she pulled approximately a half-dozen seniors from this facility.

When doing so, she instructed Lakeville Terrace not to advise the seniors of the upcoming move.

The wards (mostly alone with their "family & friends" being the other occupants in the facility) were bluntly and firmly told that they were leaving immediately. Perhaps they had an hour's notice.

There was no medical or financial justification for this abrupt and sudden change of residence.

So much for guardian April Parks acting in their best interests as their "fiduciary."

Unfortunately for Lakeville Terrace, when Parks legally kidnapped them, she "forgot" to pay the bills for the wards - causing the facility to file criminal charges against her.

Lakeville Terrace did supply a statement about this that read in part: "Our management team was taken back and saddened by the effects of guardian April Parks and her actions to our residents and their families. We were however very pleased Lakeview Terrace was able to assist in bringing these irresponsible actions of guardian April Parks to the senior advocacy systems... "

Lakeville Terrace was apparently shocked (shocked) over the guardian's actions, and yet, do you really believe that the facility was unaware of Parks' operations and business practices? As long as their corporate pockets were being filled by her, they obviously had no problem. What hypocrites!

To date, The Vegas Voice and the new non-profit Nevada Association to Stop Guardian & Elder Abuse have been unable to determine where Parks moved these wards - but we know their names and we're still looking. Wait, it gets worse.. . Vegas Voice learned that two of the wards forced into this involuntary move had pets. And perhaps due to the new location unwilling to take the canines, April Parks or her employees and/or agents resolved this problem by forcefully separately and removing the dogs from their owners. You want to bet she made arrangements to have them dropped off at a kill shelter? You also want to bet that they were put down?

Consider the relationship between those seniors - basically all alone - with their only, but constant companion being their dog. Now imagine the horror and fear of these people being ordered to leave their "homes" while having their dog taken away and destroyed.

Full Article and Source:
The Vegas Voice July Issue

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