Sunday, March 26, 2017

Steve Miller: Confidential Testimony of Clark County Family Court "Hearing Master" Jon Norheim

In February 2017, during testimony before the Clark County Grand Jury in the April Parks/Noel Simpson case, appointed Clark County Family Court "Hearing Master" Jon Norheim was accused of committing perjury by misrepresenting his legal responsibilities as a jurist under Nevada Revised Statutes.

As a Hearing Master, Norheim was accused of ignoring NRS hundreds of times in guardianship rulings he rendered that illegally passed benefits to select private guardians and their attorneys.

In May 2015, Norheim and Charles Hoskin, the elected Family Court Judge who appointed him, were permanently barred from hearing further guardianship cases based on numerous complaints of judicial misconduct, but by that time, the damage was done.

Hearing Masters are not elected and serve at the pleasure of an elected judge. Jon Norheim is a former mob attorney who in the early 2000's represented the Crazy Horse Too.

Read the full confidential testimony:

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