Sunday, April 9, 2017

Full Measure Airs "My Parents' Keeper" with Sharyl Attkisson

04/09/2017 — Sharyl: Court-appointed guardianships for incapacitated adults can do a tremendous service protecting their assets, fielding family feuds, and making difficult decisions. But some elderly feel victimized by the very system tasked with protecting them. One estimate in 2013 found 1.5 million adults were under court-ordered guardianships controlling $273 billion in personal assets. Complaints appear to be growing but it's impossible to know for sure because there are no reliable statistics. Our cover story looks at a family claiming the guardianship system did more to hurt than help.

My Parent's Keeper


Sheron said...

Thank you Sharyl Atkisson! Your report will raise a lot of awareness.

Marlene said...

I agree. This was a great report. Poor Betty goes to court without her hearing aids and the judge deems her incapacitated. No surprise there! The judge should have postponed the hearing and sanctioned the guardian because Betty didn't come to court able to hear. Think the guardian didn't know? Ha.

Karen said...

You made me cry! I pray for Betty and that her torture will end.

Betty said...

This is so well done and comprehensive. I thank Full Measure for this report.