Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Make Probate Pay: The Ugly World of Human Predators

by Marti Oakley

The redistribution of wealth so often wailed about by the wealthy, whereby they believe if they have to pay taxes in direct proportion to income like every other taxpayer is forced to do, it is somehow because “some people just want a hand-out”, is a true diversion from the actual redistribution of wealth that occurs everyday in probate courts across the country.

The only thing of real value ever possessed by any country is its people. Through successive administrations, whether Republican or Democrat, our country has been robbed of its economic dominance, its ability to produce the best, the most and the most valuable commodities on the globe. The only thing left to buy, sell and trade of any value are the people themselves. And we the people have been commodified…turned into the last market for fast money to facilitate the greed of the few.

While the battle rages in the public as to whom is hellbent on destroying the traditional American family, the truth is, only the government has the power to do this. It is the government through policy, program creation, and bribery (funding) that families are ripped apart. Block grants to states facilitate the unconstitutional tribunal systems for which there is little to no oversight. This is intentional.

What is overwhelming most normal people is the vast number of sociopathic predators who make a parasitic living off assuming the identity of a living human being, then presenting themselves as that person and availing themselves of the benefits of someone elses life work. In legal circles they are called professional guardians. To the rest of the sane world they are predators; parasites on society at large.

Quoted from “The Dark Side..A law treatise on Judging” by Caroline Douglas J.D.

Page 307 para 4,5,6  (Continue Reading)

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How to Make Probate Pay: The Ugly World of Human Predators


David said...

Good article!

Anonymous said...

How are you stopping guardian abuse so far? Are there any cases that you can say your organization has helped? I have told our story to countless people and non-profit organizations but have had not one help me stop the guardian abuse.
My loving husband lies dying in a nursing home in Missouri. He has been drugged illegally, held against his will, stripped of his constitutional rights, while guardians and conservators go through his money and keep him isolated from the only person who truly loves him and cares about his state of health. I cared for him for 7 years with no pay, and we would gladly give all that we own and the rest of what's left in his estate to just be together.
Where is there a non-profit Agency who cares about us??
Please call Victoria at 816 804 0874 if anybody cares about human life still.
God bless and thank you for allowing me to use this forum to get that out.

NASGA said...

Victoria, NASGA does not have lawyers to fight these battles. We work for reform and awareness and that's long tedious work. But, it's different than actually getting into cases with lawyers. We just don't have the staffing nor the funds to do that.

You need a laywer, do you have one? Guardianship abuse is currently fought in court. Media attention usually helps but the harsh reality is you need a lawyer and a good one. And you need to watch that lawyer like a hawk to be sure he/she doesn't make mistakes in your husband's case.

We are glad for you to comment on our Blog anytime. And we know how frustrated you feel - it's apparent from your note, and it's appropriate. But, please realize guardianship abuse isn't about common sense. That's all thrown out the window. You need a lawyer to fight it out in court and that's what you have to concentrate on now.