Monday, February 4, 2008

Bad News for Britney

The latest guardianship news is about Britney Spears. It is reported that Britney has been placed in a California conservatorship where her finances are now being controled by her father and an attorney.

A court creates a conservatorship when it concludes a person no longer can care for him/herself or his/her personal and financial affairs.

More information on Britney's case:

Spears' parents go to court for conservatorship hearing

Spears' dad has temporary control

Psych ward extending Spears' stay 2 weeks

Spears' father retained as conservator

Britney Spears objects to father’s conservatorship

The war over Britney’s conservatorship begins today!


Anonymous said...

There's a very good chance that the Britney saga is going to get far worse before it gets better for her. At this point it is only a temporary conservatorship, which leaves plenty of room for others to start to tell the judge that her dad isn't qualified to be her conservator, and to try to replace him.

We are talking about a LOT of money here. Let's see how many people start to come out of the woodwork now for a piece of the pie.

As it stands now, conservatorship is being mentioned in the news, slightly, but nowhere near enough.

However, it will really become newsworthy if the family starts to disagree as to who should be conservator. In Ca. the courts generally don't take the time to sort out who is right or wrong. I guess the theory is it is just too time consuming and cost prohibitive. If there is arguing among family members about who should be the conservator, the judge will just usually appoint a Public or Private Conservator and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, they did not give Britney Spears notice of the proposed conservatorship.

Jamie Feared Lutfi Might Get Wise
Posted Feb 5th 2008 7:45PM by TMZ Staff

Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, submitted a declaration in support of the conservatorship, stating that they didn't tell Britney about the conservatorship because given her "emotional and psychological condition and her dealings with Mr. Lutfi, I believe Britney is incapable of keeping information from Mr. Lutfi. In particular, I believe if she knew I was planning to seek a conservatorship, she would tell Mr. Lufti about the planned conservatorship."

Anonymous said...

Spears' "Mystery" Hearing -

Unwarranted "confidentiality."


G/C ship statutes are promulgated under the police power of the state, in the public interest. For that reason, the proceedings cannot be closed. Also, due to high level of corruption found in such matters today, there must be more monitoring, and preferably by the public; not by insiders.

Anonymous said...

Guardianship/ conservatorship is all about "welfare for lawyers and
other fiduciaries" as part of the court patronage system!

Guardianship goes back to Olde England. Since then, its use has been perverted by the Organized Bar as a pure moneymaker! There is no regard for individual and human rights.

Euthanasia solves the problem when the money is gone! Not in
Brittney's case, but definitely in the case of the elderly