Thursday, May 15, 2008

Investigators: The Power of One: A Call For Change

When it comes to demanding change, there is power in numbers. And a Fox 9 Investigation has inspired a number of people to demand changes in the laws that allow strangers to take control of their loved ones lives.

One of those people is a conservator named Sheila Gast. After our report on Gast in February, more people wrote in urging us to continue to investigate her for the financial and emotional heartaches they say she's caused families.

Trish Van Pilsum reports.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Fox 9 for keeping the spotlight on Sheila Gast!

Anonymous said...

Applause and standing ovation to FOX 9 for continuing coverage and reporting on their investigation of findings in the guardianship racket.

Sheila Gast is a fiduciary of the court, who is bound to act in the "best interest" of her Ward. Gast is not acting in the best interest of her Wards.

In my opinion, this sounds like unethical conduct and fraud.

At the very least, Gast (and other conservators like her) must be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted by the MN Attorney General's Office.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing the stories on Sheila Gast. Unfortunately, this situation is a nationwide epidemic, which our family experienced in Connecticut. Fox 5 investigative reporter Mary Garofalo did several stories on ours and other families experiences, and we know that this media coverage was instrumental in enabling our mom to be released from captivity in CT. (Strangely enough, this 20-year veteran was fired the day after the 3rd story aired!!!) Please continue to investigate the guardianship cesspool, as victims have nowhere else to turn- their pleas are totally ignored by our "justice" system.