Friday, May 30, 2008

Push The Walker

With support from advocates across the country, a Colorado couple pushed a walker from Morris, Ill., to Bloomington in protest of how Paul LaBounty thinks his parents were pushed around in their last days as wards of the state.

An only child, LaBounty said he was not allowed to make final health decisions for his parents. His father had scripted a variety of wills, one of which named his cousin as a guardian. That will happened to be on hand at the time of his father's death. And, despite being his mother's health care surrogate, LaBounty was denied any decision making for her. Decisions were made instead by a state-appointed guardian, the cousin, who LaBounty said didn't attend either funeral, and a trust company, which he alleges mishandled funds.

There is money involved - an amount LaBounty can't pinpoint for certain but significant enough to pay attorneys fees racking up since his parents' deaths in 2003. The LaBountys badgering also led to the discovery of a previously missing trust agreement for between $160,000-$200,000.

Money is the root of this, the LaBountys say.

Anna LaBounty died in December 2003, six months after her husband, Darrell, suffered a heart attack. She had early dementia and her health deteriorated after admission to long-term care. She went from regular breakfast club meetings to losing 20 pounds in five weeks and being administered a psychotropic drug.
Greeley pair embark on elder abuse protest

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People somehow believe that "proper planning" will alleviate the problem. Those of us who have suffered through an ordeal of probate court know better. What the court does in the guise of "advocacy and protection" is little more than imprisonment, murder and plunder.
The exposure you give to this horrible violation of human rights makes you a great advocate.

Paul La Bounty

Many rights are violated by starvation, drugging, restraints, deprivation, imprisonment, plundering of funds, failure to recognize prior wishes, etc., etc. etc. Illinois passed a law that allows the state to appoint a guardian to those over sixty found in a condition of self-neglect. I no longer live in that state but I am sure other states have similar legislation on the books" It is profitable!
Document, Educate and Act! The vulnerable disabled deserve better.

Helen La Bounty


Anonymous said...

This is anopther heart wrenching, outrageous story and so very wrong. I know in numerous instances, one of the first plans of attack on the Wards by their Guardians is to seize and control all of the Wards property and assets for the Guardians personal profit.

Then, the Guardians need to get rid of the problem - the Ward - by forcing over medication including dangerous, life threatening psychotropic drugs.

I am concerned that Paul's parents and their heirs are not the only victims of this PREDATORY TRUST, written in the best interest of a financial institutuion to benefit the bank and the individuals, including lawyers, who are involved in this "loop" of probate greed.

Applause to the LaBounty's and their supporters for their efforts and sacrifices to walk in, or I should say pushed in the shoes of Paul's parents.

I feel as if I am reading another horror story about oppressed people in underdeveloped, third world countries governed by a cruel, greedy dictator.

The ongoing tragedies of guardianships is that those in power to correct this injustice are turning their backs on us and those individuals who complain. They are turning their backs on the very folks that sacrificed, saved and built and fought for our country. Who will fight for them?

How is it that those in power allow these uncivilized, criminal activities to continue to be allowed to take place through our court system, in the United States of America?

Some of the answers why this is continuing is that this is very big money business - we need to follow the votes and who is contributing the $$$ to campaign funds, you will find a lot of the $$$ is contributed by those involved in the probate "loop" all the way to the bench.

How can a elected officials turn on those who enabled him/her to be elected or re-elected to their position of power?

Anonymous said...

How desperate do people have to be to gain support: ie, (Crimes Against Senior's Programs, Ombudsmen,etc.)

When will people realize that something is terribly wrong?

Anonymous said...

Guardianship laws must be amended, to correct the constant wrongdoing we hear about; there must also be meaningful law enforcement for offenders, and more specifically, those "professionals" who are driven by nothing more than greed.

It is good to know that there is a movement now in that direction.