Thursday, July 3, 2008

Former Ward Files Suit

Rita Hunter, Jasper County public administrator, her attorney and an area physician are named in a lawsuit filed in Jasper County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday on behalf of Emma France, stems from actions that made France a ward of the public administrator.

In addition to Hunter, it names John Podleski, the public administrator’s attorney; Crandall and Podleski, his law firm; and Stephen Bazzano, the physician who signed the medical certificate submitted in court action that declared France incapacitated and disabled. The suit seeks judgment of at least $1 million on each of the three counts.

Full Article and Source:
Administrator, lawyer, doctor named in lawsuit by former ward

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Rita Hunter is a registered with National Guardianship Association


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I seriously doubt that this case is unique in its components. There is little enough due process in these proceedings, and there is a growing trend towards even less "protection" in emergency hearings, which are held generally ex parte - one side without the other!

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Standing ovation!

I guarantee you the probate players did not expect that they, the almighty powerful, would be dragged into court by the "little people" and be forced to face justice, the consequences in civil court for their criminal actions.

Now, when will the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION begin?