Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Shakedown

The probate racket by design allows for the "shakedown" to begin.

The shakedown of the family and the Ward. The lawyers, professional guardians and family members with criminal minds, learn and know how to "work" the probate system, the judge. Give the courts what they need to hear - you know, the "buzz words", that will ensure the court battle begins with the "pro's" in the winning position.

All the pros have to do to get their way, to get appointed to the new guardianship or conservatorship case, is to suggest to the court suspicions or trumped up charges, even using fabricated information that the elder, the Ward, has been taken advantage of, abused, neglected or exploited etc.

We know how this is done and we are learning more of the dirty tricks and secrets. The pattern of their success is very clear; it's a con job, a national scam.

The court controls the outcome. To the probate racket, it's all about the $$$ - a money game - how to seize, redirect all property and assets from the ward and his or her intended heirs to their loop of crooks. All in the loop are rewarded, compensated in some manner for their role in their new guardianship/conservatorship case. Lawyers are compensated further by any opposition as they begin their shakedown of the opposing party.

Many times judges will use their bench as if it were a stage. Scripted to get the record right, so it looks like the judge is doing his/her job. It looks good for the record, but the players know they are free to proceed as they please.

Of course, if the record isn't going the way of the script, the probate racket can remedy that problem. They have their game book ready with a list of excuses why there is no record or transcript. All of this with no consequences and so far it works.

In the end, when the Ward is dying or has passed and/or all of the Ward's money is gone, the guardians and conservators are in position, back in rotation for their next case. And, another Ward and family begins the cycle. This will continue and they have their eyes on us.

Written by a NASGA member


Anonymous said...

This will NOT continue - when victims stand up and SHOUT "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!"

Start shouting at the Bar-fia, which turned guardianship/conservatorship into the new "bread and butter" for the law industry!

Anonymous said...

The greedy players play the odds.

They know the victims, the Wards or former Wards do not have a voice; they cannot speak for themselves.

Lawyers know: Dead Wards don't talk. Over-medicated Wards are put into a state of confusion and despair.

They know how the guardianship racket works -they designed it and they write the rules of the game, making changes to fit the situation, using fear as their weapon to keep the outsiders quiet. The players are the insiders, in the loop, the private probate club.

Many loved ones of the Ward, the victim, are financially, physically and emotionally drained leaving them without hope and without a voice.

Who is listening?

We, the people, must stand up and continue to speak loudly and take action for those who have been silenced all in the name of GREED.

By design, lawyers have invaded all government agencies, including the federal and state legislatures drafting laws, using specific language in the laws, thereby, allowing for intentional loopholes, ensuring that the enourmous group of their brothers and sisters in the Bar Associations et al are very happy.

All proposed bills, need legal approval. Laws are reviewed and reworded by -----a bevy of lawyers!! before the last vote is cast and the bill becomes law.

The politicians, the lawmakers know their political career is based on votes and a large campaign war chest.

The law makers must keep their large contributors happy or they are out of a job.

The constituants must be rewarded, compensated for their political support, which includes significant campaign contributions and most importantly jobs for life or he/she will not be re-elected.

Joecitizen said...

Nice perspective, interesting points and good job "NASGA Member!"

Another NASGA Member :)

Anonymous said...

The Shakedown precisely describes guardianship/conservatorship horror!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it does. Reading this makes me sick, physically ill, all in the name of GREED. I would rather take my chances with the mafia in a dark alley than get sucked up into the guardianship racket.