Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Memory of Weber

On behalf of Karen's family members and attorney: "Karen Weber’s heavenly father called her home to her eternal reward on the evening of September 17, 2008. Her family knows she is in a better place. We look forward to meeting up with her again someday, but until then, she will be greatly missed as she was dearly loved by all of us."

Karen Weber, the women at the center of a Terri Schiavo-like dispute, passed away apparently of "natural causes." Weber suffered a seizure and then a stroke and has been between an Okeechobee nursing home and a hospital. At the center of the dispute between family members was whether she was initially able to make decisions about her own care since her vocal cords were paralyzed when she had the stroke.

Ray Weber, Karen's husband of 34 years, sought to have her feeding tube removed and transferred to hospice. Weber's mother, who maintained at the time that she was alert and responsive indicated she did not believe Karen would want her feeding tube removed and filed for and received an injunction to prevent Ray Weber from proceeding.

Since that time Weber's health problems became more severe and a judge granted Weber's husband temporary guardianship reversing an earlier decision granting her mother guardianship. The hearing determining her competency was postponed.

Despite the guardianship order, an injunction the judge issued to prohibit the feeding tube's removal remained in place.

Full Article and Source:
Okeechobee woman at center of Schiavo-like case dies of 'natural causes'

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Anonymous said...

She could have died from natural causes, we don't know. But, with her husband temporarily in charge, it's also possible that he either denied her treatment or delayed it.

We'll probably never know.

Anonymous said...

I am dismayed that removing someone's feeding tube is classified as a "right to die with dignity" instead of what it is - execution.

Starvation and dehydration is a painful and torturous death.

There is no dignity in doing that to someone who can't fight back.