Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guardianship Law Similar to Slavery-Law

Illinois Guardianship Law Similar to Slavery-Law Should Be Stricken as Vague, Prohibiting Too Much Speech and Too Discriminatory by James Timothy Struck

All persons are potentially enslaved by guardianship law. Illinois residents have no federal rights in federal court under guardianship. Probate law In Illinois should be stricken as vague, indeterminate, and too discriminatory for those who see it that way. Possible case law examples regarding Judith Resnick and Michael Jordan are given. Rights violations severe under guardianship. Probate and guardianship law meets US v Williams standards to be stricken as vague. Residents of Illinois under guardianship do not have rights to avoid smoke in nursing homes, phone family, visit family, consent to treatment, see medical records, avoid death threats from facilities, have family go to church, be able to come home, be able to go to zoos or museums, not be threatened with jail when determining location of family, get caregiving bills reimbursed for care of elderly or disabled person. Government employees taxing corporations involved in harmful things, such as alcohol, tobacco, missiles, guns and weapons associated with deaths, could also be enslaved by this process as well.


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept - free people sentenced to slavery does fit how a ward is treated after loss of all civil rights when the guardianship system takes over.

Also, consider, Wards, who are innocent of committing ay crimes, in the state of Illinois and all the other states from coast to coast and border to border have less rights than prisoners serving life sentences and prisoners on death row convictd of murder.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is very interesting. I'd never thought of it before. Slaves were stripped of all their rights and then used for profit. So are wards of the state.