Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amused APS Worker

APS Worker:
I'm an APS worker, and I was very amused by your site.

I know that, where I work, guardianship is the very last option looked at, and it's very difficult to secure, usually requiring medical and psychological tests performed by professionals. We seek guardianship when a client is in dire need of protection; we do not seek to control the lives of those who are able to provide for themselves. Predators? Nazis? Please.

Would you rather we didn't exist so that real predators could just have their way with the elderly and disabled?

Guardianship Abuse Victim, NASGA Member:
The fact that you are "amused" by the NASGA web site is perhaps an indication of the way elderly and disabled people are treated by APS and other official agencies.

You must have no idea of the pain and anguish, both mental and physical, that "wards" and their families endure, or you would never speak with such a condescending attitude. Your opinion of someone else's "dire need of protection" and that person and or family members opinion may be at opposite ends of the spectrum. The fact that you work for APS does not make your OPINION the correct one.

The "medical and psychological tests performed by professionals" are often very superficial, often do not take into consideration extenuating circumstances, and may be influenced by the desired result of the person (often wealthy) being put under guardianship for the purposes of estate looting. Maybe YOUR office does not do the terrible things you read about on the NASGA web site, but the members of NASGA will all vouch for the fact that others do. We would be very happy if there was no reason for NASGA to exist, but unfortunately there is, and it does.

Just what do you mean by "the real predators"? Many of the "real predators" are lawyers and court appointed guardians, fattening their coffers on the estates of their "wards". Our family's own experience cost over $300,000 in needless legal fees and court costs. The cost to us for my parents being separated for their 50th wedding anniversary, Dad's 80th birthday, and numerous family events and holidays can never be calculated- the time we lost is, as they say in the ad, "priceless". All thanks to a guardianship system that puts more value on the greed of lawyers and "professional opinions" than the right of a loving family to be together.

Any time you would like to debate the merits of guardianship, please let NASGA know. We would be more than happy to engage in a meaningful discussion, but please realize that there are real people, and very real pain behind the stories that amuse you.


Anonymous said...

There are good and bad APS workers just like there are good guardians and bad guardians.

All APS workers need to know about guardianship horror.

Perhaps with this knowledge, they will think more of how solve situations without involving the court which results in a total loss of rights for the people they are supposed to be protecting by their actions.

Anonymous said...

Well I always thought that APS and CPS are part of the problem, not the solution.
Too many times a call to APS/CPS is very costly, ruins a family, and does more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

State agencies acting as oversight allow the corporate abuse. Dept of Aging Services and the State Bar seem negligent as they refused investigation when inquired upon. To quote da Bar:” its nothing out of the ordinary”. My impression is Family Courts sets up various parties to exploit senior deaths, taking advantage with the dissolving and breakup of families. It’s quite an industry, court officers feeding income to state officials with a few select others thrown in.

Anonymous said...

Public trust in government-Public Integrity .
Professional ethics is at a low point. And those populating the high ground in society are lacking in self governance [to be fair- this is demonstrated by other segments of society...]. Various reasons aside, this also impacts on our worldly neighbors. If its questionable trusting American govt‘, the courts, public officials; why are we killing our defenders?
The big picture is ethical misconduct...

Anonymous said...

I believe there are good and bad. But sadly, the bad [and corrupted] seem to be taking over.

The fact that this aps worker is "amused" at testimonies of abuse is not a good sign.

Tal said...

The amused APS worker is either in denial or a novice... hopefully the latter, as experience opens eyes whereas denial is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "amused" is an interesting word that the APS worker used to describe his/her feelings, emotions when reading the stories of abuse and financial exploitation.

This obvious lack of concern, lack of empathy for suffering leads me to believe that this person does not believe or fully comprehend what he/she is reading.

And, one can conclude that this is the mindset of countless others, who feel the same way - no feelings - no concern as if they are reading a screenplay based on fiction or maybe a video game.

This is very troubling, but at the same time, this statement proves that many who are connected to the guardianship racket are working with blinders, earplugs and taped mouths, leading me to believe the USA's motto: justice truly is blind.

Anonymous said...

The term "amused" that the APS worker used to describe her/his feelings after reading NASGA blogs is a strong indication that she/he partakes in the "guardianship scam for profit". If she did not, her reaction would have been "concern" & curosity. Curosity for the truth, her reaction of "amusement" screams of a closet profiteer who "rationalizes" her actions just like the verifiable abusers I personally know. Rationalization is another word for "denial". The unlawful personal gain is hidden in the closet with the "rationalization".