Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Husband Retains Guardianship

The husband and sister of a woman in a persistent vegetative state agreed that the husband is Heather Lavers' guardian, heading off a potential dispute like that involving the late Terri Schiavo.

Robert Lavers, who does not want any life support denied his wife, has moved from Florida with their three children, and will be the guardian for Heather Lavers. Her sister, Heidi Kaczala, withdrew her petition from Lucas County Probate Court. She agreed that the court should appoint Mr. Lavers guardian with certain conditions outlined during a hearing.

Among conditions being worked out:
* Mrs. Lavers will not be moved from Ohio without Ms. Kaczala’s consent
* Mr. Lavers must sign a release so that Ms. Kaczala and her mother, Patricia Kaczala, can discuss her care with providers
* Her mother must be notified any time Mr. Lavers gives consent about care

This is the second time this year a woman with Toledo ties has been the focus of a guardianship dispute similar to the nationally controversial case of the late Ms. Schiavo. Karen Weber, formerly of Toledo, died in Florida last month from natural causes before Okeechobee County Circuit Court could determine permanent guardianship.

Guardianship dispute involving former Toledo woman is averted

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