Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby Mia

Child Protective Services was granted emergency custody of a newborn who was found abandoned in an old dryer.

The baby girl was found wrapped in a towel inside a trash bag that was put in an old dryer at the Registry Apartments, 6111Winsome Lane near Greenridge Drive, on Tuesday at about 3 p.m.

The newborn was taken to Texas Children's Hospital, where she is listed in good condition.

The baby is black and weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces when found. The hospital's staff named her Mia.

CPS officials released a picture of the baby in hopes that a relative, family friend or anyone might recognize her.

The baby's umbilical cord was still attached. Police said they believe the baby was born sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

Attorneys Gary Polland and Elizabeth Whyburn were appointed to represent the abandoned baby.

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CPS Gets Custody Of Baby Found In Dryer

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A judge granted child welfare officials emergency custody of a newborn girl who was found in a clothes dryer behind a southwest Houston apartment complex. Another hearing is scheduled to determine whether the child, nicknamed Mia, should remain with Child Protective Services. State District Judge Pat Shelton told CPS officials and attorneys for the child to release her photo to the media in hopes that her family members, or someone who knows them, will be moved to contact authorities.
CPS gets custody of newborn found in dryer

She's being called "Baby Mia." The name means "mine." But no one has come forward to claim the tiny newborn, found tossed near some trash. For now, a Family Court Judge says she belongs to the state.
CPS Gets Custody of Baby Found in Dryer


Anonymous said...

I hope this baby finds a loving home.

Anonymous said...

No respect for life, young life, old life - no respect for others period.

I want to sit down and cry for this sweet infant.

I hope they find the so called mother and punish her for attempted murder.

Anonymous said...

With the new safe haven laws, there's no excuse for this.

Yes, Anonymous 2, I agree, the mother needs to be caught and tried for murder.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a miracle that this infant was discovered before it was too late.

Mia is a beautiful name and I hope whoever adopts her agrees.

The birth mother needs to come forward and accept responsibility for her barbaric actions.