Monday, March 30, 2009

Former Lawyer Denied License

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has rejected a request by David V. Jennings III of Cedarburg to reinstate his law license, saying his moral character is lacking.

Jennings says the decision is devastating. The furniture store manager says he wanted to get back into law to "offset some of the harm that I caused."

Jennings lost his license in 1993, the year he pleaded guilty to embezzling $550,000 from a company he represented in bankruptcy proceedings and from his mother's living trust.

Full Article and Source:
Former Wis. lawyer who embezzled denied license


Anonymous said...

Good! I'm pleased to see character play a part here.

we the people said...

Great way to start the week with good news.

Now, this is a fair and just decision. Jennings is motivated by greed; he is a crook and he must pay the ultimate price for his criminal actions.

In addition, this is a warning to all lawyers and others who are in positions of trust - be honest, keep your hands off the $$$$ or you will be found out and looking for another line of work for the rest of your life with a rap sheet to follow you.

I wonder

Anonymous said...

Good news!

Anonymous said...

There are other wsys for this man to offset some of the harm he's done other than by practicing law.

There are many ways to help the community.

I suspect, tho, his motive is helping himself.

wisernow said...

I suggest:

David V. Jennings III needs to do some real work in the real world; working on a road gang would be a good start; hard physical, dangerous labor to purge some of the toxins from within.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers & "fiduciaries" appointed by the courts to protect, nothing more than predators. Court officers feeding $$ to state officials with a few select others thrown in. Try and file criminal charges against a court officer, executor or trustee and see where it gets you. Pressure authorities to prosecute ethical misconduct as the felony it is.