Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lokuta Not Entitled to New Trial

An attorney for the state Judicial Conduct Board said in court papers that former Luzerne County Judge Ann Lokuta is not entitled to a new misconduct trial because none of the “after discovered” evidence she has produced would have resulted in a different outcome.

Francis J. Puskas, deputy chief counsel for the JCB, says the myriad of issues Lokuta raised in a 108-page brief filed last week have little to no relevance in her case, constituting an “everything but the kitchen sink” strategy to overturn the Court of Judicial Discipline’s Dec. 9 order that ousted her from office.

Lokuta is seeking to reopen her case or have the charges against her dismissed based on federal charges that were recently filed against former judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella and court administrator William Sharkey.

She contends the charges are proof that there was an ongoing conspiracy within the courthouse, orchestrated by Conahan and Ciavarella to remove her from office because she was a whistleblower who exposed various wrongdoings.

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Anonymous said...

Typical, typical, typical -- they're already spinning the story.

I hope if/when Lokuta wins, she remembers this little lesson and doesn't let lawyers get by with this dirty little trick.

Anonymous said...

Lokuta should be granted a new trial simply because the crooked Ciavarella and Conahan were instrumental in her disbarment.

Every case Ciavarella and Conahan must be reviewed.

Anonymous said...

I believe there could indeed have been a conspiracy against Lokuta.

Anonymous said...

It makes sense that Conahan and Ciavarella would "get even" if Lokuta were blowing the whistle.

She should get a rehearing - a clean slate.

Anonymous said...

A judge should not be removed for being a bully to her staff. She should be disciplined for sure, but not removed.

Judges should be removed for bullying the citizens or illegal activities and corrpution.

Lokuta either did a lot more than bully or they are bullying her.

I tend to think they are bullying her since we now know the two judges who went after her were bullies.