Saturday, July 25, 2009

Former Administrator Rita Hunter

95-Year-Old Fights Back

Attorney Fees Challenged

Class Action Filed

Former Ward Files Suit

Mother and Daughter File Suit


Anonymous said...

Rita Hunter controlled many guardianships including the Emma France case.

I hope the other victims find NASGA and join us.

Anonymous said...

NASGA great idea. I love your "Wanted" information posters. Brings back the glory of the good old days when good citizens were cautioned about the bad guys who were loose in society.

Anonymous said...

Rita Hunter destroyed many lives.

It's good to see her name and face on a WANTED poster.

I agree, Anonymous 2, great idea!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Emma France is doing now - and her daughter.

Rita Hunter should be spending time in the big house for what she tried to do to that family.

Anonymous said...

Rita Hunter is one of many; she has been doing this for a long time. The guardians find out over time that they can cross the line once, twice and then it becomes a habit. Addiction to power, control and love of money = a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Rita Hunter should be locked up in the pen and looking at many years of incarceration.

People in a position of the public trust should always be given the strictest penalties the law allows when they betray their position and the public's trust.