Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Date Set in Mandamus Lawsuit Case

Oral arguments concerning the budget dispute between Probate Judge Mark Belinky and the Mahoning County commissioners will be at 9 a.m. Sept. 25 at the 5th District Court of Appeals, 110 Central Plaza, Canton.

Judge Belinky filed a mandamus lawsuit in the 7th District Court of Appeals in support of his demand for a $915,715 operating budget for this year from the county’s general fund.

The probate judge filed the lawsuit after the commissioners allocated only $694,833 from that fund to his court for this year — an amount Judge Belinky said was insufficient for proper court operations.

Speaking only for himself, Judge Joseph J. Vukovich, presiding judge of the 7th District Court of Appeals, said he would be fair and impartial.

However, he noted that Mahoning County supplies most of his court’s budget and said he removed himself from this case to avoid any questions about political influence over the appellate court.

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AntiShyster said...

Is he suggesting that the other judges won't be fair and impartial?

Anonymous said...

I do not see the reason for almost $1 mil budget.

That said, Judge Belinky is costing his county money that could have been spent as part of his operating budget.

Where is the money coming from to argue against Belinky?

Anonymous said...

I filed a complaint when the judge on my case refused to follow the law. Not only did he not follow the law, he intructed his clerk to not follow it as well.

The judicial qualifications committee dismissed my complaint, telling me that they informed the judge that the NEXT time, he's to follow the law.

What a joke.