Saturday, November 14, 2009

Judge Ordered to Pay Woman More Than $180K

A jury socked Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Willis Berry Jr. with an order to pay a woman more than $180,000 after finding that he defrauded her in a real-estate deal more than a decade ago and that he had acted outrageously in doing so.

Berry, 67, sitting at the defense table, just shook his head.

The outcome stunned the judge who presided over the three-day trial. After the jury was dismissed, Common Pleas Senior Judge Charles B. Smith, an out-of-county judge who was asked to hear the case, told the attorneys and other observers in the City Hall courtroom: "I am, of course, shocked like most of you are."

Berry's attorney, Samuel C. Stretton, said afterward that he plans to file a post-trial motion before Smith to have him reconsider the verdicts and the damages.

Full Article and Source:
Jury Finds Judge Bilked Client, Hits Him For $180G


Thelma said...

It's good to see these holier-than-thou and smarter-than-thou people go down.

Betty said...

What a good way to start the day!

Anonymous said...

stunned? he was stunned?


StandUp said...

I am always pleased to see any crook have to pay resitution.

Anonymous said...

This is a message sent to the judiciary everywhere. The citizens are tired of judges getting by with criminal activity. It's time to clean up!

Anonymous said...

This was more than a decade ago! How long before the rape of the estate of our loved ones comes to light?