Friday, July 2, 2010

Documents Produced

Public Administrator Lynn EnEarl produced the paperwork demanded by District Judge Michael Gibbons, but elder advocates are still seeking to get EnEarl's guardianship of Sharon Hicks, 83, revoked on Tuesday.

Gibbons thanked EnEarl and her attorney Mike Rowe for filing the documents. Hicks has been a ward of the county for four years since she was hit by a truck in a crosswalk at Lake Tahoe. Appearing in court on Tuesday, she vented against EnEarl, saying she wanted her gone.

Documents Produced

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Anonymous said...

These judges need to be removed from the bench if they can't apply the law properly.

Connie said...

I am glad this judge is doing the right thing and demanded the records.

But 4 years and no records? That's a crying shame.

StandUp said...

I want EnEarl gone too!
Go Sharon Hicks and your support team of advocates!