Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nurse Cleared

Chicago-area nurse Mary Williams earned $459,000 in 2004 caring for an aging Highland Park millionaire and his wife. Her huge salary — and the fact that she possessed both a car and various works of art formerly owned by her employer – raised suspicions. Williams was accused of financial exploitation and criminal neglect of an elderly person.

Williams, a Registered Nurse who was one of six RNs hired by S. Edward Marder, cared for Marder and his wife from 1992 until his death in 2007. According to witnesses, Williams acted as a “head nurse” and also handled financial affairs for Marder after his wife’s death.

The prosecution contended that Williams took advantage of her position and her employer’s poor health and dementia. The defense, however, presented evidence that described Marder an alert, lucid and generous man who freely shared his money and possessions.

The court sided with the defense and cleared Williams of all charges on July 30.

Nurse Did Not Take Financial Advantage of Millionnaire


Anonymous said...

Was the prosecutor asleep?

Anonymous said...

Well,if the nurse would have been found guilty,she would have returned all of the $,etc. and Who would have keep all of it??? by the time this case would have gone to Probate,there would be so many attorney's and other leeches involved, that the millioner's money would have been gone,I would ask if these people had family? where were they as all of this happened?Were these people well taken care of, able to communicate with other fam. members,and friends? or did the case, pointed to all of those things that show isolation,and explotation???

StandUp said...

Court -- or jury?

I think these types of hearing should always be in front of a jury.

Carole said...

Good for her. Congratulations for a rare win!

Anonymous said...

This is the strangest explanation I have every read. Maybe it's the late hour, but this is like:
The Twilight Zone

Anonymous said...

She was working for them for 15 years, which is $30,000+ per year. Do the math; she didnt steal. Taking care of two people and then one is hard work.