Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Real-Life Judge Judy Gets Smacked Down

When a defendant showed up on a traffic charge, Judge Judy delivered a zinger: "If you drive like an idiot 'cause you're late for work, you're gonna have to pay for it." Then she piled on: "You can see your picture on the headlines of the Seattle Times, stupid young man who shouldn't be driving."

Another defendant recalled that the tart-tongue jurist humiliated and bullied her until she broke down in tears. "She frequently interrupted answers with insults," the woman recalled.

This bullying Judge Judy was not Judge Judith Sheindlin, the tough-talking former New York City Family Court judge who has the top-rated judge show on syndicated television. It was Judge Judith Raub Eiler, her real-life doppelgänger, who sits at a county court in Seattle. Instead of high ratings and rich syndication fees, this Judge Judy's aggressive demeanor earned her a five-day suspension without pay courtesy of the Washington State Supreme Court.

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A Real-Life Judge Judy Gets Smacked Down


timlahrman said...

There were a couple Indiana judges who got smacked down last month for being "dismissive and indignant" to litigants appearing before them.

And I happen to know one of these same two is about to get another smack down in the next few days.

Some people just never learn ----- until they get some treatment and therapy.

PSCYH EVALS for all judges !!!!! Tell me why not ????

Anonymous said...


Litigation is stressful enough.

Get the bitch off the bench!

Holly said...

Psych evals is a great idea. The powerful position of some law enforcement officials seems to go right to there head. They loose touch with the reality of things.
Eval every 5 yrs.

Judy/Judy said...

I think judges think their seats at their benches are thrones and they are kings and queens.

Enough is enough.

Good to know someone took the complaints seriously enough to dish out punishment (not long enough) to the one who dishes out punishment with harsh tongue.

jerri said...

smacked down and slapped would be a good beginning this kind of stuff going on in courtrooms is out of control get the leash and muzzles some of these judges are untamed ego maniac animals who belong in a cage

StandUp said...

These kinds of judges deserve to be smacked down and embarrassed.

Yes, timlahrman, I'm with you. All judges should have to pass a yearly psych evaluation.