Friday, August 13, 2010

Smoron Caretaker Sues Developer Over Eviction

The same caretaker waging a legal fight to be recognized as the heir to Josephine Smoron 's estate is also suing Bristol developer John Senese, claiming Senese evicted him without a court order and confiscated his tools and equipment.
Samuel Manzo filed suit against Senese, doing business as Calco Construction Co., in New Britain Superior Court last fall. He claims he was a tenant on a Smoron -owned parcel that Senese purchased in March 2008 and where Calco is building a BJ's Wholesale Club.

According to Smoron 's will, she gave Manzo use of the property beginning in 1985 to operate his mulch and firewood business, the Southington Firewood Co. The parcel was part of a larger portion that Senese had an option to purchase in a 2001 agreement with an earlier estate conservator.

The lawsuit states that after the March 2008 sale Senese ordered Manzo off the property. When Manzo returned with police to retrieve his tools and equipment, he was locked out.

"He was a tenant there and they knew it," said Manzo's attorney Barry Pontolillo. "Even if you're not paying rent you have the right to a court hearing. They just changed the locks. They are taking the law into their own hands."

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Smoron Caretaker Sues Developer Over Eviction

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Anonymous said...

Big Business makes their own rules!
They don't need lawyers and judges; they own them!

Watching said...

This appears to be a case of a greedy church. I am glad to see the publicity and the suits.

Anonymous said...

You're so right, Anonymous 1.