Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senior Care Placement Companies Scramble to Cash In

For the elderly, it happens unexpectedly and all too often: They suffer a stroke or break a hip and find themselves unable to live safely in their home. Suddenly, their family must scramble to find them care and a new place to stay.

Dozens of private agencies in Washington state promise to guide families through the labyrinth of options to an adult family home or assisted-living facility that best fits their needs — all for free.

But behind these free offers can lurk a hidden cost.

Placement companies, which rely on commission-only sales people, funnel the aged only to facilities that have agreed to pay thousands of dollars in finders' fees.

In addition, most placement companies do not screen homes for past violations. As a result, many have referred seniors to facilities with documented histories of substandard care, including fatal neglect.

In 143 cases over the past three years, seniors were victimized after companies placed them in adult family homes, or other long-term- care facilities, that had a record of serious violations, a Times analysis of Department of Social and Health Services documents reveals. The documents did not identify placement companies by name.

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Senior Care Placement Companies Scramble to Cash In

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Thelma said...

What was government organized for, anyway? Wasn't it to protect its citizens?

Jane Branson said...

It should be made clear to all families putting an elder in a nursing facility, the elder/resident will Not receive 24/7 care. The resident must share aides and you can count on the facilities Never having enough help. My Mother went without a bath for days, sat in urine and feces for months, her simple medical and personal needs were ignored. The end result were bleeding leg wounds, bleeding bedsores. Mom's legs were completely healed before she was forced in the facility against her will. Per Mom's doctor, it's a simple matter of keeping her legs elevated most the day to control chronic stasis ulcers, due to her poor blood circulation. I was Mom's caregiver for over three years and know for a fact it's a very simple matter to follow doctors orders..But the social worker informed me, they were not going to make Mom keep her legs elevated, which caused Mom a series of serious medical conditons. By not following doctors order the social worker confirmed the facility does not have 24/7 care...Due to the fact Mom was found on the floor at the facility with a serious head wound, bruises on her body, she has been rushed to E.R. countless times. Kidney failure, pancreatic attacks, urinary track infections, serious infections in her blood steam that almost caused Mom to die prematurely. Mom has suffered needless mental and physical pain due to abuse and negligence at the facility she is being held prisoner at And, the guardian continues to allow it. The Ohio State Health Dept. were contacted numerous times but they refused to hear testimony from family members and friends. It is their policy to only discuss the residents health issues with the facility and the guardian which means Mom's abuse is covered up and continues. Ombudsman made it clear they did not want to get involved by not showing up after they were subpoena to court to testify my Mother was not receiving proper medical care. Don't believe the elder has rights once they are in these facilities. In my Mother's case the ones that are suppose to Protect her are the very ones allowing the negligence and abuse. Each time I complain makes it harder on Mom and the abusers are even more determined to hold Mom captive in stop the truth from being found out. Even if it means Mom dying prematurely. The abusers goal is to cover up what they have done. Our Elders is in a critical mess and it's time to take action to clean it up. My Mother's horrific experience of negligence and abuse is one of thousands of cases happening all over America.

B Inberg said...

Cash in is the key word here they'll place your loved one in a snake pit if it means the folks advising PROFIT!

Is this the 'change' and 'hope' people voted for?

DayBreak Ventures said...

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StandUp said...

Another way to profit off of someone else's misfortune.

Anonymous said...

Not just Senior Placement companies , home healthcare agencies and long term care plans ......... GE Financial sends out it's nurses under the name of Care Scout and make the elderly on paper look like they can not care for themselves ........ and magically they are getting money kicked back to them from the long term care facilities for placement ........

SHAME ON GE IMAGINATION AT WORK ALL RIGHT - writin Fraudelant assessments to defraud the United States government and take the disabled and elderly's life away ....... maybe Mr. Immelt should live in a Nursing Home for a while - see how he likes it

Anonymous said...

People need to realize that "free" is always expensive. And that there are always vultures waiting to take advantage of others' unfortunate circumstances.

Unknown said...

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