Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MA: Lawyer Indicted for Tampering With Court Record

A Lynn lawyer accused of stealing and shredding the Jose Cabrera file in the trial set to begin [1/10/11] in Salem Superior Court has been indicted by an Essex County grand jury.

A single indictment was handed down Friday afternoon against Ilya Ablavsky, 32, charging him with tampering with a court record used in an official proceeding.

The charge arises out of an incident on Nov. 3 when Ablavsky appeared in the clerk's office at Salem Superior Court, presented his identification and asked to see the file on Jose Cabrera. Ablavsky allegedly left with the file when no one was looking and destroyed the file.

Lynn Attorney Indicted for Tampering With Court Record


Thelma said...

That's a bad thing to do. He should be properly punished.

Anonymous said...

He destroyed the whole file? Well, you've got to admit, he was thorough!

Larry said...

Tampering with court records happnes all the time - by the court!