Wednesday, March 23, 2011

John Q. Hammons Guardianship CLOSED!

A March 31 court hearing in the John Q. Hammons guardianship case will be closed to the public at Hammons' request.

Probate court clerk Debby Mayes Edgar said Hammons made the request through his court-appointed attorney.

Under Missouri law, the subject of a guardianship case has the right to ask that hearings and documents be closed to public review.

On Friday, Probate Judge Michael Cordonnier closed all court files in the case, saying Hammons' interests outweighed the public's need or right to see the files.

Only court personnel and attorneys involved in the case are allowed to view the documents, according to Cordonnier's order.

The judge did leave the court docket open for review.

Full Article and Source:
Guardianship Hearing Closed to the Public

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A victory for the vultures.

honeybear said...

Oh now, he's cooked! Very bad news.

Greg said...

I hope the media is appealing!

StandUp said...

I just hate this for him. What a crying shame.